Peering information

Peering information


Primary ASN 39351
MD5 authentication Supported but not required
Prefixes IPv4 650
Prefixes IPv6 2000
NOC email
NOC 24/7 phone +46 40 618 10 00
Peering requests
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Peering methods

  • On a public Internet Exchange Point
  • Through a private interconnection between 31173 Service AB and Applicant peering nodes


  • Applicant agrees to peer in all locations where both share a presence
  • Applicant cannot, at the same time, be both a transit customer and a peering partner
  • The traffic volume shall be of such amount that it is interesting for both parties to peer in order to alleviate transit and other peering arrangements
  • We do not apply any route damping, as is recommended in RIPE-378 and we encourage everyone to follow this RIPE recommendation
  • Routes longer than /24 is not accepted unless a separate agreement has been established
  • We will announce customer prefixes as received unless aggregation is requested by customer
  • Applicant shall not establish a route of last resort, ie default route, or any other static routes over peering
  • Applicant must not sell or give next-hop to any 3rd party (i.e. peer must not re-advertise AS-ESAB routes to any peer)
  • Applicant shall announce the same routes at all peering points, unless otherwise agreed